Hello there

My name is Nick and I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Hong Kong. I blog about skincare, makeup for men, grooming, fragrances, and sometimes my personal life.

I believe skincare is an underrated form of self-care and men shouldn’t be afraid of using makeup in this day and age.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I lived in Vancouver for six years before moving back to Hong Kong in 2018.

In addition to being a blogger, I’m a full-time UX Designer who occasionally writes on Medium on design and mindfulness.

the phaneron & My Instagram

I get this question periodically: ‘What does your instagram handle “_phaneron” mean?’

The word phaneron comes from the Greek word φανερός (phaneros), which means "visible".

Coined by Philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce, he used the term phaneron to refer to the world filtered by our senses, e.g. sight, hearing, taste, etc.

I feel that our presence on Instagram is the visual representation of our phaneron. Instagram is about exchanging our subject experiences with the world, each from our first-person perspective, often with a filter, one shot at a time.