About Nick

My name is Nick Ng and I’m a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger and a Content Creator on Instagram. I also blog about my life in Hong Kong, my hometown, and Vancouver, my second home.

I am passionate about skincare and self-care. I blog about the trendiest skincare brand or routine to the newest meditation app or habits that keep me productive. I’m all for taking good care of my skin and cultivating mindfulness.

Aside from my Internet life, I am a full-time UX designer. I am passionate about creating delightful digital experience (think your favourite online store/blog) and innovative digital products (think Spotify/Airbnb).

So I suppose you can say that my life does evolve around the digital world...and I’m happy about that! As a Generation Z, I embrace the Internet for its power to express our individuality, help us understand each other, and build an online community that makes real-word impacts. I want to make the Internet a better space for everyone.


My style

In general, I look for things that help me be more productive, mindful, and flexible, especially products that help me focus on things that truly matter, get rid of the clutter (I’m a huge hoarder), and achieve my goals.

This is why I blog about things that help me live more efficiently and flexibly. They could be a habit like polyphasic sleep, a digital product like Headspace the meditation app, a piece of clothing (#utilitarianchic), a gadget, or anything in between.


My Background

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I moved to Vancouver in 2012. I majored in Honours Philosophy at the University of British Columbia and graduated in 2017. I recently moved back to my hometown in March 2018 to start my career as a UX designer.


About my Instagram

I started micro-blogging in 2015 on my Instagram where I share my thoughts and life moments, one shot at a time. I also made a lot of good friends on Instagram.

The username "phaneron" comes from the Greek word φανερός (phaneros), which means "visible". It is coined by Philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce to refer to the world filtered by our senses, e.g. sight, hearing, taste, etc. And I feel like Instagram is just like the phaneron. It's all about sharing your subject experience with the world, with a filter, one photo/story at a time.

I’ve been on Instagram for 5 years now and it has almost become an extension of my life.